Information for Presenters at the 35th SNH

This page provides some information regarding your presentation to avoid technical problems and ensure a smooth procedure in the presentation sessions. Please read the following lines thoroughly. If you have any questions during the symposium, do not hesitate to ask the onsite staff.

For your presentation a laptop with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016 installed is provided in every lecture room. Also, a presenter stick is available to switch between your slides and to use as a laser pointer.

You may also use your own laptop. A video (HDMI) connection will be available at the speakers podium. Please bring an adapter if your own laptop features another video output.

During a break before your presentation:
  • Transfer and test your presentation if you plan to use the on-site laptop. Please have the presentation available on a USB drive with you.
  • Check the connection if you intend to use your laptop.

For a good quality of your presentation, a microphone will be available.

The screen size at the symposium is wide screen (16:9).

Please adjust your presentation to the time limit of 25 minutes (+5 minutes discussions). If necessary, the session’s chairman will give a time check.

Published on June 3, 2024 Updated on June 3, 2024